Sopanam - Integral Yoga Movies Production


Sopānam is a small team of volunteers making educational cinematic videos based on the vision and work of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother. Sopānam videos are done in 3D Motion Graphics.

Sopanam Videos:

Integral Yoga – Evolution Fast Forward I

The Team

Sopanam core team: Manoj, Hemant and Arnab

Sopanam core team: Manoj, Hemant and Arnab

  • Manoj Pavitran – Direction and Script
  • Hemant Shekhar – Visualisation and Animation
  • Arnab Chaudhury – Music

List of Videos

  • Integral Yoga (Evolution Fast-forward – Part II) Released on 21st February 2015
  • Evolution Fast-forward – Part I – Released on 26th February 2011
  • Secret Knowledge: The Play of Duality –  Released on5th December 2012
  • The Secret Knowledge: The Square – Released on 9th August 2012

Besides the core team more than 20 volunteers have worked on the latest video on Integral Yoga.